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On Tap This Week: Les is the best man, drinking at weddings, acappella exclusive psalmody, don't worship with Catholics, doing a bad job of defending hell, and embarrassing drinks.

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On Tap this week: A Pubcast quiz, how we spend our days, the Imago Dei, marriage advice for a newbie, and what we want to be when we grow up... again.

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On tap this week: Happy Birthday to Les, Wonder Woman was wonderful, is it better to work with Christians or unbelievers, loving discipline, and we all choose our last meals.

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On Tap This Week: Summer White joins us to discuss egalitarianism and those crazy feminists.

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On tap this week: Tanner hangs with little booger-eaters, we give our kids sandwiches, Batman v Superman revisited, more regulative principle and exclusive psalmody, making your kids Calvinists, making your wife a Calvinist, who's making the good music, and where to get free books.

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