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On Tap This Week: Tanner has a new baby and a new job and Les is hoping to make another movie, why it's so dumb to add to God's commandments and invent ways to approach Him, and what were you in high school?

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On Tap this Week: Les and Tanner discuss how Disney villians are made, confessional Lutherans, the Regulative Principle and it's implications on exclusive psalmody, God's grace shown to his people prior to conversion, the mixed multitude and the visible church, and answer the question "What fictional character do you most identify with?"

Naphtali Press Promotion: New hardback copy of "English Popish Ceremonies" by Gillespie for $17!!! (US Only)

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On Tap this Week: Les and Tanner discuss the difficulty (or lack thereof) of the imprecatory psalms, the dumbest (or best) would you rather ever, and they marvel at how God provides everything his people need to honor and obey him.

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On Tap this Week: Tanner's moving homes and Les is moving Church buildings, how to save a... butt, a good old game of would you rather, the Calvinist boys revisit Hebrews 6 and it's implications, and what is everyone's favorite fictional character.

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On tap this week: Les and Tanner want to make themed subdivisions a thing, Les teaches the elderly, Donald duck walks a dog, the parable of sower, and a long discussion about the promises made to covenant children.

Greg Price Sermon on Sabbath

Robert McCurley Sabbath Series

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On Tap This Week: Les and Tanner respond to an email calling them religious hypocrites, they meditate on meditation, and everyone shares their own little paradise.

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On Tap This Week: Tanner is moving to DUUUUVAAAAL, Les loves his church, the boys are finally drinking beer again, and answer questions about christian liberty vs free will, and the Matrix.

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On tap this week: Les and Tanner figure out more ways to rebel against Lent, finding satisfaction in Christ, confessing sins to God and to men, and what dumb things did you think as a kid?

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On Tap This Week: Calvinist Messianic Jews are a thing, a mom-to-be wants to know why she should baptize her baby, Sam forces Les and Tanner to choose between Friends or friends, and all the documentary ideas.

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On Tap this Week: Is Song of Solomon about sex? The audience makes Les and Tanner feel great, then Les makes everyone sad again... and life hacks!

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