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On Tap this Week: Les and Tanner discuss how Disney villians are made, confessional Lutherans, the Regulative Principle and it's implications on exclusive psalmody, God's grace shown to his people prior to conversion, the mixed multitude and the visible church, and answer the question "What fictional character do you most identify with?"

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On Tap this Week: Les and Tanner discuss the difficulty (or lack thereof) of the imprecatory psalms, the dumbest (or best) would you rather ever, and they marvel at how God provides everything his people need to honor and obey him.

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On tap this week: Les and Tanner discuss the new Fast and Furious ride at Universal Studios, LaCroix's best flavors (and worst), seemingly contradictory scripture, and what the immediate context of Hebrews 6 is. Then the guys figure out how to survive on a desert island containing a large rum cache and ask pub members what their occupation would be in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

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