The Reformed Pubcast
On tap this week: Les learns about aliens, Tanner finds taco nirvana, Dogfish Head get a little crazy, we create a secret sense of urgency, singleness is not a disease but cats are, Saints in the making, complimentarianism and egalitarianism, let’s bust some ghosts, why we cringe at sin, Monty Python or drunk slang, and […]
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On tap this week: Jeff buys a pubster a “flight”, a Popov slurpee, some love and some hate from callers, more “Fortune cookie or Joel Osteen quote?”, what’s the deal with miracles?, another questionable game of “Would You Rather?”, Facebook feedback and recos! You can send us feedback!!! We will talk about it on the cast! […]
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On tap this week: Les thinks he’s Lumiere,  Oh For A Thousand Tongues to Sing, Tanner get’s drunk texts from another guy, another awesome listener sends a beergift and Les once again suffers a tragic loss for lack of beard, how a glass influences a beer, Prophets of Doom, Joel Osteen or Fortune Cookie quiz, […]
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On tap this week: the unfortunate missing o-ring, riding like a man possessed, The Great Emancipator does the gospel?, making Spurgeon proud, age of accountability, how well does Tanner know the Bat?, technology to die for, would you rather…, the birds and the bees. You can send us feedback!!! We will talk about it on the cast! […]
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