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What happens when the doppelgangers of Ewan McGregor and Matthew Perry (after the he got clean) play a game of trivia based on Calvin’s Geneva? Find out on this week’s Reformed Pubcast! On tap this week: 248 Hours of Work and Movie Plot Holes, Funky Beer Talk, The Cult Of Personality, Reformed Forgiveness, Join The […]
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On tap this week: fat stacks from skinny endeavors, eggs and avocados, hop bursting and mid-work day drinking, killer pockets and Jnco jeans, old earth vs young earth and the importance of a good apologetic method, east side west side brawl, breaking the gospel ice and making things awkward, a bacon cheeseburger with a side […]
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On tap this week: Jesus anatomy and sympathy pizzas, credobaptism and the early church, craft beer and its growing popularity, manipulative people skills and how they destroy our witness, short shorts and viscous air, gouged eyes and rolling the salvation dice, knuckle pucks and armoured nipples. Send Us Feedback!!! We will put it on the cast. […]
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On tap this week: Deer diary and yeast infections, unicorn tiaras and crawl daddy gumbo, real life mortal combat and middle school sinnin’, Obama and fermenting flies, & God’s will and how little you matter. Send Us Feedback!!! We will put it on the cast. Then the pope and Joel Osteen will hear it and […]
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On tap this week:  our amazing listeners and fundraising success, artificial inseminated turkey sandwich and other poor marketing choices, beer mail and GMO’s, Christians and #selfies, twitter and TULIP, stout geekery and snake handling, Rafiki and back handing Romanists. Send Us Feedback!!! We will put it on the cast. Then the pope and Joel Osteen […]
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