The Reformed Pubcast (Reformed Pubcast)

On tap this week: Les and Tanner discuss the new Fast and Furious ride at Universal Studios, LaCroix's best flavors (and worst), seemingly contradictory scripture, and what the immediate context of Hebrews 6 is. Then the guys figure out how to survive on a desert island containing a large rum cache and ask pub members what their occupation would be in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

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On Tap This Week: Tanner Ruins Everything, drinkin' that shine, reading the Bible through a cultural lens, facing your fears, and remembering God's wonderful deeds.

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On Tap This Week: Apologia is great, Tanner is a child of God, Tanner hates vodka, politics or whatever, questioning the Reformed tradition, asking and receiving, and we all fix our denominations.

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On Tap this week: Les tries to talk about Cauliflower, Tanner talks about theology and stuff, chasing your dreams on Sunday, why most people don't like reformed worship, and getting nostalgic with old music.

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On tap this week: Would You Rather Blast, I'm just a Christian, Using Coldplay in worship, and choose your dream pet. 

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On Tap This Week: We discuss movies, since nobody else will, the difference between repentance and doing better, living in a van down by the river, and what do we do with exceptions to gender norms?

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On Tap this week: Timothy Brindle joins us to talk about Christian hip hop and what he's learned at Wesminster over the years.

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On Tap This Week: Definitely not Christian Hedonism, Single folks doing family worship, is tithing Biblical, do feelings have anything to do with theology, Matthew Henry on the weaker brother, and what did you learn at church this week?

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On tap this week: Les and Tanner debate over whether "Christian Hedonism" is a good term or not.

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On Tap This Week: Les and Tanner talk hypocrisy and having a log in your eye, personal Bible devotion and family worship, Does God command idolotry, is failing to do church discipline worthy of church discipline, and what's the best pizza topping?

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