The Reformed Pubcast
On tap this week: Steve Cobucci from Wolves at the Gate blesses us with a live performance of a Christmas hymn and we discuss what it’s like to be a gospel preaching musician. This week’s sponsor: Featured Song: East to West by Wolves at the Gate Subscribe now:
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On tap this week: Les and Tanner get excited about some upcoming movies, R. Scott Clark gets excited about being Reformed, and we dive into the deep web for some good ol’ conspiracy theories This week’s sponsor: Featured Song: How Deep the Father’s Love for Us by Seeker & Servant Subscribe now:
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On tap this week: Joe Thorn joins us to discuss how Christians should view Christmas, play some Pub trivia, and talk about Christmas movies. This week’s sponsor: Featured Song: Daywalkers by Propaganda featuring Lecrae Subscribe now:
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On tap this week: Tanner gives thanks while sleeping, Les apologizes to the good people at Yuengling, is it sin to be tempted, and let’s talk drunkenness… again. This week’s sponsor: Featured Song: Somewhere In-Between by Judah & The Lion Subscribe now:
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On tap this week: We look back at your favorite moments from the past 100 episodes of the Pubcast! This week’s sponsor: Subscribe now:
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On tap this week: Dr. Stephen Nichols joins us to discuss the Reformation and the history surrounding reformed theology. Featured song: In Tenderness by Citizens Subscribe now:
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On tap this week: Les exploits Arminians for free candy, Tanner goes south in flames, what to do when your church bans alcohol, wives submit to your husbands theology? Oh yeah, and a Halloween would you rather?! This week’s sponsor: let them know you found out about them through us at checkout and get […]
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On tap this week: Joe Thorn Joins us once again to duscuss Christian Liberty, legalism, being trendy, and cocktails. Featured song: Lazarus by Trip Lee ft. Thi’sl Subscribe now:
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On tap this week: The cat’s out of the bag. Let’s talk about it. Featured song: Alas and Did My Savior Bleed by Wayfarer Subscribe now:
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On tap this week: Les gets traumatized and Tanner goes huntin’. Getting ready for a wedding and taking advantage of your Pastors. Images of Jesus are whack. Why do people hate Calvinism? And know-it-alls aren’t fooling anyone. Featured song: There is a Fountain by Citizens and SaINTS Subscribe now:
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