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On tap this week: Meet Tannerbot, the robotic co-host and get hit up with our greatest hits from the first 10 episodes.
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On tap this week: a not-so smart smart phone, adults watching cartoons, nitro bubble lawsuits, how to make “the birds and the bees” awkward and the holiness of marital sex, a false dilemma in Iowa, Mark Driscoll is too “busy” for us, Ben “BAT” Flick and bringin’ the bayou to the stars, hairy cotton mouth and […]
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On tap this week: A Bruce Banner Dilemma, Briar Fire, The KJV Only cult and beginner IPA’s, Bad Reformed Baptist but good Presbyterian Reformed Baptists, Total Depravity in Mother Russia, another game of Craft Beer or Indie Band, Butthurt in the SBC, and our Resident Arminian gives HIS 5 points. You can send us feedback!!! We […]
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On tap this week: Tullian Tchividijian You can send us feedback!!! We will talk about it on the cast! Email us ( Tweet us (@reformedpub) Join our group on facebook (Reformed Pub) Call us and leave a voicemail (772-405-7327) Thanks for listening, Cheers and Amen!
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