The Reformed Pubcast
This week on the show: • Let’s Talk About Beer (6:59) • Voicemail Feedback (13:39) • What Animal Could We K.O.? (17:26) • Existential Rock, Paper, Scissors (21:55) • Tattooed Jesus (25:20) • Westboro Baptist’s 6 Second Fools (36:15) • Would You Rather…? (47:39) • Trivia (57:00) • How To Go To Bed After Watching […]
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A meaty serving of new beer and reformed theology topics this week. We play a new game called “What am I thinking?” and complain about no more free beer at Bush Gardens and brainstorm ideas for our new theme park, The Reformed Pub Park. Cheers and Amen!
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WARNING!! Breaking Bad spoilers in the second half of the cast! In this premiere episode of the Reformed Pub Cast, Les and Tanner discuss why beer is a blessing from Jesus and how the Southern “anymore than two beers is sinnin'” Baptists have it all wrong. Other topics include cask beer, forgiveness, arrested development, breaking […]
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