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On tap this week: Joe Thorn Joins us to discuss cigars, beer, kid’s church, and what it’s like to be a Southern Baptist. Featured song: All I Have is Christ by Sovereign Grace Music Subscribe now:
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On tap this week: Les lets his wife down and the Postal service lets Tanner down. Topics include anti-lordship salvation, childhood memories, and the return of Would You Rather. Featured song: Beautiful Letdown by Switchfoot Subscribe now:
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On tap this week: Les and Tanner try Not Your Father’s Root Beer, then they wash the taste out of their mouth with voicemails. Topics include beer snobbery, asking others for forgiveness, Christians watching bad tv shows, and how many kids should Christians have. Featured song: Satisfied in You by The Sing Team Subscribe now:
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On tap this week: Les finds buried treasure, Tanner travels the world, we try another perfect beer, presup vs evidential, hypocrisy and forgiveness concerning abortion, Bruce Jenner is a Ray Finkle, and we show our hidden talents. Subscribe now:
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