The Reformed Pubcast (reformed pubcast)

On Tap this Week: A Pubcast Christmas Carol, we make a fantasy 6-pack, Molinism and THE Reformed view of sovereignty, and the funniest stories in the Bible.

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On Tap This Week: Les is at Apologia studios with Marcus and Austin, Tanner makes french toast, God uses means to give grace, are we young restless and reformed, thinking through Christian media, and Summer joins us to discuss cage stages.

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On Tap This Week: Les gets his drone back, Tanner breaks the rules, can Catholics be saved, keep Christ out of Christmas, and how devoted are you to the Bible?

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On Tap this Week: It's Reformation day, ballad of a lost drone, Les and Tanner battle to the death, why you shouldn't listen to us, talking to your kids about S-E-X, and our favorite reformation moments.

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On Tap This Week: Another live performance and great discussions on Christ with Stephen Cobucci from Wolves at the Gate.

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On Tap This week: Selling out, teaching the Trinity to kiddos, and drawing naked people.

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On tap this week: Scott Oliphint joins us to explain Sola Scriptura and the self-authenticating nature of Scripture.

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On tap this week: Les and Tanner talk Stranger Things, when is enough money enough money, walking a theonomy tightrope, and the most disappointing movies.

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On tap this Week: Zach Bolen from Citizens and Saints joins us to discuss their new record "A Mirror Dimly".

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On tap this week: Les reviews Portland and Tanner proves a point, classic craft beers, Tanner turns 30, the morality of sales and gambling, and re-baptism.

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