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On Tap This Week: R. Scott Clark joins us to discuss how the Reformed should feel towards Lent.

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On Tap This Week: Bump Lent, talking to your kids about condoms, and we tell you how we really feel about Roman Catholicism.

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On tap this week: Jojo and Fofo from Doc and Devo joins us to discuss the importance of the local church.

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On Tap This Week: Les takes a Facebook fast, Tanner does doctor stuff, Living out the gospel, Matt Butts rolls tide, Tanner can't draw, fencing the table, and what are the best dates you can think of?

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On tap this week: Les is back from snow chasing, two idiots talk about two kingdoms, is Dungeons and Dragons sinful, how can you know if you're saved, and let's make a TV network together!

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On tap this week: Les and Tanner go to Georgia, Americans don't eat good, Baptizing foreign exchange students, Tanner reads a lot of Calvin, and what are we still salty about?

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On Tap This Week: Jasmine Holmes joins us to discuss unity, disunity, marriage, and the role of daddys in their daughters lives.

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On Tap this Week: What did Tanner get for the Winter Solstice? Should unbelievers be encouraged to worship? Dating non-Calvinists, We pick vehicles for the zombie apocalypse, and new years kinda resolutions. 

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On tap this week: Les and Tanner waste a lot of time playing games like the good-old days, procrastinating on baby-makin',the importance of the TULIP, and everyone's favorite Christmas traditions.

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On Tap this Week: A Pubcast Christmas Carol, we make a fantasy 6-pack, Molinism and THE Reformed view of sovereignty, and the funniest stories in the Bible.

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